Bruce Howard

I gained my first valuable experience as a potential DJ, during my college days, around 1966, having met a guy who was involved in local college radio, he encouraged me to have a go, and from there on I was hooked.

Some years later I worked for a chain of pub discos which were operated throughout London, and outer suburbs in the UK.

I also around this time, presented in hospital radio at Northwick Park near Harrow. In 1972 I decided to spread my wings, travelling to Denmark and working for a British entertainments agency based in Copenhagen, working in various clubs across the three main islands, where I met and made good contacts and friends. Eventually all good things come to an end, I returned to UK shores, spending some time in the wilderness, keeping my hand in from time to time, with a DJ club agency working regular gigs in and around London once again, as well as producing voiceovers for adverts from time to time.

In 1999 I was approached by a good friend on BBC Radio Bristol, to help kick off a new Radio station venture called "Cabot FM" which actually was not successful in it’s bid for the licence, losing out to another rival. Coming right up to date, in 2003 the wife and I decided to move to and live in Spain for a quieter life.

It didnt happen, when once again I became involved in local radio over the last eight years and worked on several radio stations on the Costa Blanca, doing breakfast shows, weekdays drive, and Sunday mornings easy listening and more. I have also produced various soft rock shows which is my passion, in Spain, as well as across the water for a longish spell in West Yorkshire in the UK, when I worked live on air with a local community radio station there, producing various shows at different times, all in all an all rounder you might say.