Mike Watkins

Mike Watkins Investigates is a weekly show that was first broadcast on Stroud FM in July 2012. The pilot episode featured an in-depth investigation into the conspiracy theory about chemtrails and geo-engineering. Many controversial topics have since been covered, including UFO sightings, crop circles, the moon landing hoax, big cat sightings in Gloucestershire, David Icke, Illuminati, problem reaction solution, moon matrix, the Mayan calendar, 2012 phenomenon, the rise of modern Marxism, the hip-hop prison theory, the Cult of Saturn, the Denver International Airport controversy, ancient aliens, Erich Von Daniken, the dangers of social media, vegetarianism, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, global warming, fracking, tarsands, genetically modified crops, alternative healing, autism, music plagiarism and a 12 part series about the paranormal. 

Investigations are not restricted to purely controversial issues. Comedians Jon Wagstaffe, Cerys Nelmes, Paul Farrar and Chad Wornfoot have all appeared on the show, as well as actor and artistic director Mike Greenman, artist and actress Claire Rees-Jones, rock band Strange Things Frighten Us, American 'Green Rock' duo Sassafrass and independent record label Red Zebra Records. Other investigations have included documentaries about the classic TV show Doctor Who, musical histories of rock legends Led Zeppelin, Queen and Jimi Hendrix and a special show on the folk/rock band Lindisfarne.  The programme also has its own website, online newspaper and blog covering subjects investigated in each of the shows. A selection of 10-15 minute interview clips taken from the show's archives can be heard each day on the Mike Watkins Investigates page on IRadio.