Owen 'Odie' Tillett

Welcome to the Rock Fanatic Rockcast! Presented by Odie, he is a Rock Fanatic.

Fed up with talent shows and Mainstream music dominating everywhere on TV, internet and Radio. When asking to play one of his favorites on his local radio station, he was told that they wouldn't play it because nobody listen to Metal or Rock no more! With artists hogging the headlines and getting the attention was enough for the Rock Fanatic to take a stand!
So the Rock Fanatic Rockcast was born. Searching the net for the Next Big Thing in his favorite genre. Searching high and low on Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Facebook and Twitter, he presents a weekly show and showcases the music to his fans known as 'Fanatics'.
Aiming for Unsigned, independent artists and labels, all Kinds of Metal are played from the Heavy all the way down to Black and Death Metal.
Occasional there is a chat about Movies, Video Games, old school memories or anything that seems to be a trend currently. 

With the help of the Fanatic Army, we travel around the world and look for the best in the genre! Aiming to get the unsigned signed with the record labels and get them to the Festivals that they fully deserve! 
Armed with Iron Maiden's Trooper Beer, grab your favorite drinks, snacks; take a seat and listen to the future in Rock and Metal!